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Sylvie Chagnon

Sylvie Chagnon


Teacher and Choreographer


As a tap teacher and choreographer in several studios and school programs in Gatineau for two decades, Sylvie became interested in dance education at a very young age. Trained under the Al Gilbert method, she made her debut in the mid-70s in Quebec City. She first taught in different local communities, as well as at “Les Ballets-Jazz de Québec” school. In 1977, Sylvie created a folk group named Riverains, and led this group for four years. After completing her Bachelor's degree in education, she joined the folk troupe Les Sortilèges in Montréal, with whom she danced professionally for two years. In 1997, Sylvie met Mr. Brian Foley, founder ADAPT, and quickly developed an interest in his syllabus and teaching methods. She participated in several workshops in Ottawa and Toronto, allowing her to deepen her knowledge. Over the years, she has seen her students grow and excel both during exams and competitions. Since 2012, Sylvie has had the opportunity to be part of the ADAPT team, where she was entrusted with the task of promoting the French version of the syllabus. In addition, she has been invited to become an examiner for the ADAPT exams. Sylvie is happy to share her passion with the students of Studio Danielle.

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