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Laura Bigelow

Laura Bigelow


Teacher and Choreographer


Laura Bigelow started to dance at the age of five. Through the years, she has learned different styles of dancing while following the CDTA syllabus for tap and jazz. She followed the RAD training programme in classical ballet. Laura has taught at Studio Danielle since 1996 and is also a choreographer for the Aylmer Avenue Danse Company. In 2004, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in education, which helped her to diversify her teaching methods and encourage children to develop their potential. Laura is known for her contemporary ballet pieces and work with young children. Many of her students have continued on with their studies in some of the best dance schools in Canada, and are also prominent in the national and international dance scene. The success of her students, past and present, is proof of her contagious passion for dance.

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