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Competitive Dance

Friends. Travel. Personal growth. The thrill of performing. And memories to last a lifetime.

These are just a few benefits dancers experience when they join one of Studio Danielle’s competitive dance programs.

Joining the Team

Each dance season, our staff invites a select number of dancers to register for the pre-competitive or competitive team.

Dancers are then placed in training classes and choreographies, based on their current level and technical potential.

All about Excellence

Studio Danielle is second-to-none at transforming dancers’ aspirations into reality.

We ensure dancers learn only from the very best: our highly skilled and certified directors and faculty, as well as leading and award-winning choreographers.

In the competitive program, dancers are continuously challenged to improve technique in a variety of dance styles. Along the way, they:

  • learn to embody the Studio Danielle values of teamwork, respect, and integrity and
  • build leadership skills, confidence and self-reliance.

Simply put, being part of the competitive dance program adds up to a positive, exciting, life-changing experience for all!