Competitive Dance

Friends. Travel. Personal growth. The thrill of performing. And memories to last a lifetime.

These are just a few benefits dancers experience when they join one of Studio Danielle’s competitive dance programs.

Joining the Team

Each dance season, our staff invites a select number of dancers to register for the pre-competitive or competitive team.

Dancers are then placed in training classes and choreographies, based on their current level and technical potential.

All about Excellence

Studio Danielle is second-to-none at transforming dancers’ aspirations into reality.

We ensure dancers learn only from the very best: our highly skilled and certified directors and faculty, as well as leading and award-winning choreographers.

In the competitive program, dancers are continuously challenged to improve technique in a variety of dance styles. Along the way, they:

  • learn to embody the Studio Danielle values of teamwork, respect, and integrity and
  • build leadership skills, confidence and self-reliance.

Simply put, being part of the competitive dance program adds up to a positive, exciting, life-changing experience for all!

Fundraising activities

Fundraising activities

Fundraising for Studio Danielle helps defray costs for the competitive program, including travel, costumes, rehearsals, and entry fees,  We highly encourage dancers and their families to get involved in our events, sales, and raffles!

Dancers must participate in at least two fundraising activities every year.

To learn more about fundraising opportunities, please contact us.