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About Us

Hello and Welcome to Studio de Danse Danielle!

For more than 30 years, Studio de Danse Danielle has been a central hub in the Outaouais region for recreational and competitive dance development.

Under the direction of sisters Tanya Miller and Karin Kelley, the hardworking, talented Studio Danielle team has fostered a love for dance in the hearts of thousands of local children. We are rooted in this community, having built a solid reputation for helping young and old alike to reach their full physical and creative potential.

Our dance programs are offered in both English and French.

DancingOur Mandate

To create an environment where dancers can grow and learn the performance art of dance while exemplifying the values of teamwork, respect, and integrity.

Our Values

The following values are the very foundation of Studio Danielle and are expected of all dancers and team members:

Teamwork. Express consideration for others, show commitment to the group, work together toward common goals, and inspire and encourage others.

Respect. Be respectful of the dance community as a whole, follow policies and procedures, and work to resolve concerns.

Integrity. Demonstrate leadership and responsibility and be honest and courteous with peers, parents, children, faculty, and the dance community.